My journey: how I landed a job as a front-end developer within 7 months

I was recently interviewed by Treehouse. If you haven’t already heard of them they’re one of the largest online coding schools in the industry, Treehouse is the resource I used right from the beginning and I’d recommend them as the best introduction to web development you’ll find online. In my interview I talk about how I came to discover web development and how I was able to land my first time role as a developer within 7 months — starting almost from scratch.

You can read the full article here.

I hope it inspires some of you hobbyists and those just starting out to take the plunge into becoming a full time developer.

For those who read the article and are interested to see where it all started - my blog about my time in Nepal can be found here

N.B. It was two years ago (At the time of writing) that I became employed now. I will write a post in the coming weeks about progression from employement as a junior and onwards to a more senior level.