jQuery is still relevant

I came across an interesting article on the relevance of jQuery: jQuery’s Relevancy – There and Back Again

I happen to agree, and all to often we just try to be clever and not need jQuery. While it’s important to know what it’s doing under the hood, there’s little point in reinventing the wheel.
Time = money, both in the initial development and when it comes to maintenance and scaling.

Of course jQuery is not always appropriate, you may be using a framework like React, or just performing very simple DOM interactions. However under many circumstances it is a smarter move to use jQuery than it is to not.

We’re always abstracting away things, saying you never need jQuery because you can write stuff without is the same as saying you should never use Lodash or Underscore—Or any framework for that matter.

Abstractions are very, very useful. We can all be smart and do things without, but that doesn’t make us good value to our employers or clients. Knowing how and when to use something like jQuery—that’s what is important to know.