About me

Hello, my name is Robert Smith and I'm a Front-end Developer. I was born and Grew up in England and I now live in Uppsala, Sweden where I work for wasabiweb, an award winning web-production & conversion agency.

The wasabiweb team, after winning 3rd place for Sweden's best Young Entrepreneurs, Oct 2014 – I'm second from the right.

My story

In 2010 I was working at a McDonald's as a Shift running manager, Like many young people of today I wasn't sure where I should head next in my career. But I knew it wasn't at McDonald's. I realised that I needed some kind of spark, to re-invigorate me and give me some ideas. With that In mind I decided to save up and go and see the world.

Fast forward 12 months and I was on a plane heading to Kathmandu, with the goal of climbing upto Everest Base Camp. I decided to blog about my experience. This is where I discovered web-design. — I had tinkered around many years before but at the time did not have a clue what I was doing!

A memorial close to Everest Base Camp to remember the climbers who had perished on the Mountain

While I travelled throughout Asia & Australia I spent a lot of my spare time tinkering around with web-based projects. It was during this time that I decided that I wanted to be a Front-end Developer.

In the Winter of 2013 I arrived in Uppsala, Sweden and after a short time exploring my new surroundings I began the mammoth task of properly learning Front-end Development to a professional standard so I could realise my goals. I spent around 10 Hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week doing this. Within 6 months I was working as a Front-end Developer for wasabiweb and I am forever thankful for them believing in me despite the fact I'd been learning for such a short period of time.


This website is hosted directly from my Github repository using Github pages.

This website is built on Jekyll A static site generator, the CSS is written in Sass using my own custom built framework utilizing the OOCSS philosophies. This framework is also heavily inspired by inuit.css and ITCSS (Both of which are authored by Harry Roberts.)

I use Grunt.js, a JavaScript task runner to automate repetitive tasks such as Sass compilation, CSS minifcation & Jekyll shell commands.

All posts on this site are written in Markdown. A text-to-HTML conversion tool.

Developers who influence the way I code — in no particular order